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OzStar Therapeutics is planning to provide a simple, natural and cost-effective solution for one of the world's fastest growing disease. We have discovered
a "
Food for Special Medical Purpose (Medical Food)" for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), comprising a specific prebiotic product
(designated OZ101) that synergizes with the sulfonylurea anti-diabetes drugs. While intake of sulfonylurea exclusively controls blood glucose levels,
adjunctive intake of our patented prebiotic OZ101 results in amelioration of major side effects of sulfonylurea (i.e. weight gain and hypoglycemia) and
extends duration and strength of its effectiveness.....
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The Commonwealth Government of Australia has recognised the potential of OzStar's innovation and awarded the company two grants - a skills and
knowledge grant to conduct commercial and regulatory due diligence on its technology and a proof-of-concept grant to conduct a phase 2 clinical trial.
The Company
A Clinically-Proven Effective
Medical Food
for the Treatment Goal of
Type 2 Diabetes!
Phase 2a Clinical Trial Approved in India
(6th April 2018)

Patient recruitment is anticipated in June 2018.
CEO presented at The Microbiome R&D and
Business Collaboration Congress: Asia
March 2018)

Presented latest insight into our technology at the
Our patent granted in Russia
(25th January 2018)

Russian Patent Office has granted our
second patent.
Clinical Trials
Apart from having promising available
human data, OzStar is sponsoring a
CRO-monitored clinical trial to....
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